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Looking for M8...

2007-11-30 08:39:53 by JD-Harlequin


I would do som MC'ing if summone needs...
From now on, I'm looking for an artist to work with, make songs to together, OR an artist who would want to make Music Videos to songs with me together... Let's Team Up then... :)

What do I mean under Music Video?
Well, I make music, you make flashy and the theme can be diffrenet, classical music, techno, rock (didn't really tried to work with bu I could), or any music style... We will talk about it. ; )

If ya are interested, post a comment here or PM me.

I ask only average skill to work with (I'm not an expert either) , no need to be a master (thou if you are an expert it doesn't means that I don't want to team with you).

Also, if you are a newb you can still write if ya need any advice. I'll help with anything I can. That's why we are a community... to help eachoter. Or not? :)

Greetings, Peace !

JayDee Harlequin aka Death Melody (tm)

Looking for M8...


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