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[Kriz & F-777] - Taken [Kriz & F-777] - Taken

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad...

The song actually isn't bad.
The main melody sounds quite catchy. The baseline is really well tuned to the main theme of the song.

All this goes well, but I think you guys were a bit lazy with tuning in the fillers such as the Hit-Hat is a bit messy, a bit sharper than it should be mainly. Make it a bit more smooth. That's part of a Trance song.

Also, the kick is good, but I think the melody pushes it too much in the background.

Either increase the sound of the kicks, or decrease the synth melody volume or sharpness.

Also, when using 4o4 with a 2o2 snare addon, I would increase the snare/clap volume and add a little flang to it, with a very quiet acid mix. it makes the whole filler "orchestra" more trancy and more aplyable to the trance melody itself.

Also, I miss a deep lead from the background besides the main high padded lead melody and the base line..-

Besides, I think you two are doing great, I hope I'll find someone to collab soon, since I'm searching for someone lately. :)

Keep up this, you can only get better.
Oh and one more thing! .. Enjoy and Enjoy... that's musi is all about. :)

Repsect ~ JeyDee

5/5 - 7/10

Kr1zF-777 responds:

thx for the tips!
ur right about the hats & snares, slighty sloppy done .. :)

goodluck with ur work too!

{dj-N} Hidden Within {dj-N} Hidden Within

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Holy Mother F**ing S**t!!!

This is sooooooooooo sweet. Dude, awesome!
Have nothing else to say.

10/10 5/5 DL

"Before Mydnite" F-777 "Before Mydnite" F-777

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done...

The beat is kay, the tune is fine and the main mallo is really catchy.
Besides, all blends well together. I like the way this song carries me away...
Like a galactical roller coaster.

It makes me feel at a dance club and party all the way.

Even made me jump up from my chair... which is rare due to NG songs ;)

Nice job.

5/5 - 10/10 - DL + Advertise ;)

Make some more of this s**t :)

Respect - Harlequin.